Press Release

 Brandwatch, leader in Consumer Intelligence and Social Media Monitoring, has partnered with Avensys Consulting Pte Ltd, Singapore. a Business Intelligence Consulting firm.

Brandwatch is helping Avensys have more meaningful data related conversations with their customers and expand their solution offerings in ASEAN.

Avensys brings in years of experience delivering Large Business Intelligence projects/ solutions and are eager to deliver delightful platform experiences to their customers using Brandwatch.

This partnership brings together solutions and technical capabilities under one roof – transforming marketing strategies and helping to support innovation in the industry. 

“We are excited to be partnering with Brandwatch as this provides us with the opportunity to address marketing pain-points of our customers and grow further into the digital media marketing segment. We see a great opportunity to engage our customer base in a new way, not only in Singapore but also in other ASEAN countries. Partnering with Brandwatch allows us to provide the very best solution to our customers and enable them to unlock the true potential of their business”, says Mr Haja Mohideen, Senior Director at Avensys. 

“Our partnership with Avensys allows us to leverage their incredible experience in ASEAN and provide our solution to not just their customers but increase our footprint in Singapore and APAC. What excites us the most is the technical capabilities Avensys already possess which should allow us to expand our business with ease”, Brandwatch snippet 

Brandwatch and Avensys possess a great network of clientele and it will be exciting to see the solutions which are developed and integrated as this partnership grows. 


Interested to know more on Brandwatch, enrol for a quick demo here : AVENYS DEMO REGISTRATION LINK