Create Dashboards To Impress Your CEO Workshop

Date: 15th March 2023 | Time: 2.30PM to 4.30PM

Data is invaluable for decision making in today’s ever-changing business landscape. For a CEO, viewing a comprehensive dashboard with visual presentation of critical KPIs and views would make both understanding current status and decision making much easier.  

Here are some stats:

95% CEOs think they will need to manage unstructured data coming from various data sources by 2025

90% CEOs currently say data and analytics are key to their organization’s digital transformation initiatives.

61% CEOs say their companies either have not responded to these changes or have taken only ad-hoc actions rather than developing a comprehensive, long-term strategy for analytics.

53% of CEOs consider themselves the primary leader of their company’s analytics agenda.

Before taking a look at how few companies harness and leverage the power of data, it’s important to have a baseline understanding of analytical platforms that are popular today.

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More details about the workshop listed below:


  • Introduction to Qlik Data Analytics for CEOs
  • Analytics Roadmap, Use Cases and Benefits
  • CEO Dashboard walkthrough and benefits of a Dashboard
  • Making “Changes to a Dashboard” Walkthrough

What you will learn

  • How to gain useful insights from raw data
  • How to use Qlik BI solution for your analytics needs  

Who should attend?
C-Level : CEO, MD, CIO, CTO, CFO, Business Directors, Business Owners.