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iOS Application


2 Months



The Customer wanted to display the company’s Sound Systems in detail across all the available models and create visually stunning displays to exhibit how each system can aesthetically sync with its surroundings. Application was to be developed to enhance sound volume, play reviews
and videos of this beautiful product.


The AVENSYS mobile development team developed an application:-

  • The solution pairs up two devices via Bluetooth or WiFi. It plays your iPhone as true audio stereo speakers. Use the two devices as desktop speakers, hold them in your hands, or use them as fun headphones.
  • App and songs can be installed for free on the 2nd device when using the same Apple account (e.g. if you own them both)!
  • Start the app on both devices, a stereo welcome message will sound when the wireless connection is established.


  • Share the app with your friends, family and colleagues. This can be done either via Facebook or through an email.
  • Learn more about the product, the history and rich variety of experts behind the brand.
  • Send an enquiry if you are interested in knowing more about the Customer’s Sound Systems.
  • Catch up, read or watch videos about the latest news on the customer’s Sound Systems