Get the best out of Qlik while working remotely

Businesses of all sizes and industries have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the main factors we’ve seen among a large proportion of our customers is how the business was able to cope with working remotely. For some industries, remote working was perceived as an unviable option. However, having been forced into remote working as a result of the pandemic, that traditional mindset may just disappear. The biggest issue with remote working is configuring access to the necessary systems – Qlik being one of them.

To help in this area, it’s worth highlighting that Qlik’s SaaS offering can be utilized independently or as part of a hybrid deployment, which can be useful if you’re struggling with onboarding workers onto your VPN. In hybrid deployments, you can use distribution policies to push updated Qlik apps to the cloud, stripping away the need to open up your firewall for direct connections to your underlying source systems.

The ability to adapt has never been more critical. While lockdown was brought in as a temporary measure, the buying behaviors may continue for a long time after. Will they ever go back fully to what they were? This is something that retail companies need to start analyzing more closely and have something in place for when lockdown policies ease off. Something I’d be keen to analyze past, present and on-going are things like time spent shopping in physical premises, number of clicks and collect orders, number of delivery orders, etc.

Keeping your team focussed and motivated

As a data company, we’ve always closely monitored ourselves and our performance. To ensure our team stay motivated and know their contribution to the wider company, we also send out the weekly team and individual utilization rates. Ensuring the team is fully informed on a regular basis really helps maintain an element of normality and reassurance during these unprecedented times.

What Qlik training/support can I get while working remotely?

Having adopted full-time remote working here at Avensys, we are now able to deliver Qlik Services remotely. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with the Avensys team today.