What’s New in Qlik Products- December 2020 Release

This December 2020 monthly update was pushed out. This release focused heavily on connectors – expanding the available connectors and updating some older connectors. The following updates were made:

Qlik Connectors

  • Expanded Add-Data options: More connectors are now available in Add-Data screen
  • Google Drive and Spreadsheet – added access to shared drives
  • Google AdWords & Dropbox – enabled in data manager
  • Azure Synapse – new UI providing same connection as MS SQL (same driver)
  • Removal of obsolete connectors
    • Slack is replaced by Slack v2
    • AYLIEN News – replaced by ALYLIEN News v2
    • YouTube Data – expired, alternative option is YouTube Analytics

User Experience

We simplified the overall workflow from data to insights, specifically to support new users getting started as quickly and easily as possible. As an example, we improved the usability of data modeling in combination of user experience enhancements and inline guides.

In-product Resources: “Connect and Learn”

We enhanced the “Connect and Learn” resource channel to provide quick access to exciting product news, supporting demos and programs available to our users to improve the journey to insights and path to success. As we continue our rapid innovation in the cloud next year, SaaS users can use the Connect and Learn panel to stay informed about all of the latest product updates and enhancements.

New Qlik Web Connectors package

Now available for download, – opens in a new window it includes:

  • Feature improvements
  • Updated APIs for better performance

For more information, visit the Help.qlik.com Web Connectors pages.

Qlik Analytics 2020 – A year of Innovation

2020 was quite a year of innovation for Qlik analytics. We delivered key new augmented analytics capabilities with big updates to Insight Advisor, we integrated intelligent alerts fully into Qlik Sense in less than a year, we continued to expand our visualization capabilities to make it easier to showcase your data in exciting and compelling ways, and we made it even easier to execute analytics in the cloud.

Here are key highlights from a banner year.

Analytics Modernization

Customers are rapidly moving to the cloud, and COVID-19 only accelerated the pace of that adoption curve. This year, we delivered both capabilities and programs to help customers more seamlessly adopt the cloud for analytics to match their pace and needs. In April, we launched new packaging and adoption programs, including new packaging of Qlik Sense Enterprise with SaaS only and Client-Managed options, plus a direct path for QlikView customers to adopt Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS with the ability to host their QlikView documents in the cloud.

Throughout the year, we continued to add elements that help all our customers continue the journey to SaaS and the cloud, including doubling the standard data limit and removing limits on file size and reloads and the ability to host QlikView apps in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS. We were also pleased to achieve ISO27001 and SOC II Type 2 and 3, as third-party validation of the trust and confidence we already have from our customers.

Continued Industry Leadership in Augmented Analytics

Throughout the year, we continued to add to our leading portfolio of augmented analytics capabilities that are natively built into Qlik Sense. Early in the year, we added support for multiple languages and business logic to make insights more relevant and applicable to a wider audience of analytics users across customer organizations.

Our September release saw a significant set of enhancements to Insight Advisor. We built a conversational analytics experience – Insight Advisor Chat – into Qlik Sense; added a new business logic layer for customization of insight generation; natural language processing; and, introduced on-board advanced analytics calculation to complement our real-time integration capabilities.

Intelligent Alerts

From our initial January acquisition of RoxAI, we managed a very rapid rollout of alerting capabilities into the overall product set. In May 2020, we launched Qlik Alerting as a value-added product for our Windows customers, and, in the fall, we fully integrated and included Data Alerts for our SaaS customers. Sophisticated, data-driven alerts directly from Qlik Sense empower our customers to proactively manage by exception and respond quickly when issues arise. Its advanced data-driven features, including statistical calculation and trending, help customers spot outliers and anomalies.

Data and Connectivity

We made big strides in making it easier to leverage AI-driven cloud analytics by improving the migration path of data to Qlik Sense SaaS with the debut of Qlik DataTransfer™. Qlik DataTransfer is a lightweight, easy-to-use utility, built directly into Qlik Sense, that helps organizations more easily and securely migrate their on-premise and local data to the cloud. Qlik DataTransfer leverages the full ability of Qlik Sense to combine and transform data, ensuring that data arrives in cloud analytics-ready and kept up to date within Qlik Sense SaaS applications.

We also continued to increase the number of connectors to new data sources, a total of 21 through all of 2020, to help expand the ability of analytics to bring more value to even more of an enterprise’s relevant data.

More Visualizations!

This year we accelerated the pace at which we’re bringing world-class visualization capabilities to Qlik Sense. We maintained the breakneck pace from 2019, adding over 50 new visualization and dashboarding enhancements in 2020. Today, we have a broad library of best-in-class visuals – beautiful, intelligent, interactive and responsive, driven by the power of our associative engine to manage context and calculate analytics at the speed of thought. Check out the Visualization Showcase, which is updated regularly.

A Year of Industry Accolades

Our long-standing position as a leader and innovator in analytics and BI continued to be recognized by the industry throughout 2020. For the 10th year in a row, Gartner recognized Qlik as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms. Our continued leadership strongly reflects the innovation and value customers are realizing with Qlik as we help customers now move their analytics efforts to the cloud.

Another significant set of kudos came in the form of BARC’s annual BI and Analytics Survey 21, where Qlik Sense earned a huge number of accolades – 11 number-one rankings and 44 leadership positions in four peer groups in a survey of over 2,500 BI and analytics practitioners! We were Top Ranked in eight categories for Large international BI vendors; Top Ranked in two categories for Self-service analytics-focused products; and Top Ranked in competitiveness for Embedded analytics-focused products.

As you can tell, 2020 was a major year for our analytics platform, with continued innovation within our products and an emphasis on partnership expansion forming key pillars of our growth and advancement strategy. In the coming year, we will remain equally committed to releasing exciting new capabilities and enriching existing ones to delight our customers.

November 2020 Qlik Product Release Is Here

User feedback is a key element to our success and directly influences our roadmap and where we invest and innovate. This feedback fuels our drive to deliver truly impactful capabilities – ones that accelerate business value, drive ROI and lower TCO. We’re especially encouraged when customers proactively share success stories that support our vision around Active Intelligence, a new state of business intelligence enabling our customers to make more informed decisions and move at the speed of data.

Recently, G2 reviewers rated Qlik Sense as a leader in the Analytics Platforms category. For those who are not familiar with G2, it’s a peer-to-peer review site with over a million reviews helping organizations choose the right software and services. G2 users who are Qlik customers have awarded Qlik the following badges for their Fall Reports: Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Momentum Leader in the Analytics Platforms category. This is in addition to leading in areas such as Big Data, Embedded BI, Predictive Analytics, Location Intelligence, and Productivity. These badges have further propelled Qlik Sense as a leader in many of the top G2 categories around Business Intelligence, showing significant momentum in the latest release of G2’s Fall Grid Reports.

These strong user ratings reflect how our end-to-end data and analytics capabilities are helping users turn their data into real business value – and we are thrilled. I’d like to highlight some of the great feedback our customers are sharing with their peers, including the following Qlik Sense reviews:

And, with Qlik’s November 2020 Product Release, we continue to introduce capabilities that help deliver on our vision for Active Intelligence. To highlight a few, we are introducing intelligent data alerting in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, empowering our users to stay on top of changes in their data and take timely action. We are furthering our leadership in next-generation augmented analytics with enhancements to Insight Advisor, including advanced business logic and new vocabulary options to enhance natural language processing. And, as with every release, we are delivering new and improved visualization capabilities to create better-looking apps and expanding the support for business-critical data sources needed to deliver the most impactful insights.

And it doesn’t stop there, as November 2020 also provides many new improvements to the Qlik Data Integration Platform. This release includes new endpoints, improved integrated workflows and performance, security enhancements, and new certifications to align with customer and industry demands. Our customers are also actively sharing the value that Qlik delivers around Modern DataOps for Better Analytics using our Data Integration Platform. G2 has also recognized Qlik Data Integration as a “Leader” for ETL Tools. Read more about what our customers are saying on G2:

Not only are our customers excited and enthused about our products and the value that they deliver – but so are the analysts! In addition to the recent awards from G2, we ranked equally as well in the BARC BI and Analytics Survey 21 results. Qlik Sense earned 11 number one rankings and 44 leadership positions in four peer groups in a survey of over 2,500 BI and analytics practitioners.

Driving Towards Active Intelligence with the November 2020 Qlik Product Release

As we drive towards our vision for Active Intelligence, we are delivering capabilities that optimize decisions in the “business moment” – that brief period where people, data, and businesses can come together to take advantage of opportunities to drive unique value.  With the November 2020 release, we are introducing intelligent data alerting on-board in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS, included with your Qlik Sense Enterprise subscription, empowering people to stay on top of changes in their data and take timely action, where and when it’s needed.

Capitalizing on emerging business moments requires a state of continuous intelligence where technology and processes trigger immediate actions from real-time, analytics-ready data – what we call “Active Intelligence”.  People need relevant, personalized insights, delivered as data is changing.  With data alerting in Qlik Sense, our customers can move from passive to active data consumption, going beyond the dashboard to take immediate action at the speed of data.

Data alerting is now included with Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS subscriptions – fully integrated into the Qlik Sense experience, supporting both self-service and centrally managed alerts. Just right click on any chart to create a new alert.  Alerts feature statistical evaluation of new data against thresholds, comparisons between measures, condition and/or logic, and the ability to trigger alerts based on individual dimension values.  And of course, because of our unique Associative Engine, alerts are always in-context and users can immediately analyze further to determine what action is needed.

In addition to alerting, the November 2020 data analytics release includes several other exciting new capabilities, including:

  • Insight Advisor enhancements including improvements to business logic and new vocabulary options to enhance natural language queries
  • Expanded App capacity for larger data sets
  • Support for larger QlikView Apps and document chaining to support our analytics modernization program
  • Insight Advisor Chat for Qlik Sense on Windows, available as a value-added capability
  • And a host of new visualization and authoring capabilities, some of which are featured in the Qlik Sense Visualization Showcase to see them in action
  • More Connectivity: with Google Cloud Storage, OData, and JDBC support for Couchbase, Cassandra, AWS DynamoDB, and SAP HANA

And it doesn’t stop there, as November 2020 also provides many new improvements to the Qlik Data Integration Platform.  This release includes new endpoints, improved integrated workflows and performance, security enhancements, and new certifications to align with customer and industry demands.  We are especially excited about the following new features:

  • Data warehouse automation for Google Big Query
  • Expansion of SAP integration options through new support for SAP Extractors as a new Source
  • New high demand endpoints including Databricks Delta target, Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud target, and Azure MySQL source
  • Automated registration of Qlik Data Integration created data sets into Qlik Catalog

Data Movement: Qlik Replicate and Qlik Compose

Qlik offers different facilities which streamline processes surrounding data movement: Qlik Replicate and Qlik Compose. In this post, we talk through benefits of these solutions…

Data Movement with Qlik Replicate

Qlik Replicate is a tool which enables businesses to improve the efficiency of processes such as data ingestion, replication, and streaming between a wide variety of heterogeneous databases, data lakes and data warehouse platforms. Its agentless software moves your data quickly and securely, without impacting the performance of production data systems. With no need for manual coding, Qlik Replicate’s intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) makes life easier for administrators and enterprise architects by allowing them to quickly configure, control and monitor data replication.

Qlik Replicate’s high-performance change data capture (CDC) technology remotely scans transaction logs and rapidly delivers real-time data updates. In addition, any changes with data and metadata can be streamed across thousands of systems, such as any major RDBMS, legacy system, data warehouse, data lake or streaming platform. This allows you to maintain true real-time analytics with minimal overhead.

Data Movement with Qlik Compose

Qlik Compose can ease your workload by simplifying all facets of data lake and data warehouse design, development, data loading, deployment and updates, automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks that you would previously have done manually.

Qlik Compose for Data Lakes

Qlik Compose for Data Lakes creates analytics-ready data sets by automating data lake pipelines, improving time-efficiency of data lake investments for businesses. It standardises and combines change streams into a single transformation-ready data store in the lake, automatically merging multi-table and/or multi-sourced data into a flexible format while retaining full history. This history gives you rapid access to trusted data, without the need to understand the automated structuring that has occurred.

Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses

Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses automates the design, deployment, and operation of agile data warehouses, improving time-efficiency of data warehouse projects by reducing the time and resources necessary to implement a data warehouse, data mart, or data hub. It eliminates mundane, error-prone data warehouse tasks that you would normally have to do yourself, by automating data modelling, ETL generation and production workflow. The time and cost of analytics projects based on cloud platforms, such as Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Snowflake, is also reduced. Users can dynamically adjust data sources and models in response to changing business requirements to quickly load and iterate their data warehouses.

Find out more about Data Movement

If you’d like to find out more about these solutions, get in touch with the Avensys team today.

The Evolution of Insight Advisor – Qlik Sense September 2020

With the third generation of BI upon us, analytics solutions are leveraging AI to generate insights, automate tasks, and support new types of interactions. Qlik is consistently recognized as a leader in augmented analytics, and with the September 2020 release, we’ve set the bar even higher.,

As most know, Qlik supports interactive analysis with our one-of-a-kind Associative Engine – a game-changing technology that gives people “peripheral vision,” allowing them to freely explore their data without the limited “tunnel vision” offered by SQL/RDBMS query-based tools. We combine this with AI and cognitive technology that broadens insight and simplifies interaction with data, built into our platform at a foundational level. The result is a unique technology advantage – Augmented Intelligence, which provides a full picture of your data, along with powerful, context awareness. And, we can see thousands of our customers have been thrilled and are taking advantage of this.

Drawing from this unique combination, Insight Advisor in Qlik Sense has evolved to become your intelligent assistant that enhances just about everything you do. It auto-generates insights and analyses automates and accelerates creation and data preparation; supports search and natural language interaction; and, delivers the power of data science to everyone. It includes machine learning for more relevant insights, business logic for customization, and leverages the Qlik Associative Engine for context and peripheral vision.

With our latest release, we have added several new features to our Enterprise SaaS offering that take our users to a whole new level with AI. The first is a brand-new, conversational analytics experience – Insight Advisor Chat – built into Qlik Sense and available through the Qlik Sense hub. This gives more people a faster and easier way to ask questions, generate insights and make data-driven decisions using Qlik Sense analytics. We have also added a new business logic layer for customization of insight generation and natural language processing. And, we have introduced on-board advanced analytics calculation to complement our real-time integration capabilities, with K-means clustering. Most of these capabilities will be added to our client-managed offering in the coming months.

Augmented analytics are only as good as their weakest link. If your solution relies only on a single type of user experience, or simply “bolts-on” AI, you lose all power of Augmented Intelligence, which is core to the analytical experience. With search-based analysis, conversational analytics, associative insights, accelerated creation and advanced analytics, Insight Advisor in Qlik Sense delivers the most complete set of augmented analytics capabilities available today – helping all users maximize their potential.

Beyond AI, the September 2020 release brings additional, significant enhancements for both data analytics and data integration. We continue to deliver world-class visualization enhancements, as well as UI improvements for a more consistent and appealing experience. We have increased our SaaS capacities to better support enterprise use cases. And, we have improved our data integration platform with better ETL performance and expanded publishing options for cataloging.

Qlik’s September 2020 Release

Qlik is raising the bar once again with the September 2020 Product Release!

The September 2020 release has arrived, and with it comes game-changing innovations in AI, taking our users to a whole new level. This includes new capabilities like conversational analytics, advanced analytics, and more.   You’ll also find other significant enhancements to our visual analytics capabilities, SaaS capacities, and user experience.   This release goes beyond analytics, as it also includes new advancements to our Data Integration platform with improved ETL performance and extended publishing options for cataloging. 

Augmented Intelligence:

To begin, Insight Advisor Chat is our brand new conversational analytics experience, built into Qlik Sense and available through the Qlik Sense SaaS hub. It gives more people a faster and easier way to ask questions across all their apps, to make data-driven decisions. We also added a new business logic layer to customize and guide the behavior of Insight Advisor when generating insights and interacting conversationally with users. And we now offer advanced analytics calculation to complement our real-time integration capabilities, beginning in this release with K-means clustering.

Insight Advisor now enhances a full range of user experiences in Qlik Sense. With search-based visual analysis, conversational analytics, associative insights, accelerated creation and data preparation, and advanced analytics – delivering the most competitive set of augmented capabilities on the market today, helping our users maximize the potential.   The full set of augmented features in this release are only available in SaaS but will soon be available in an upcoming release in client-managed (Windows).  

SaaS Capacities and Hub Improvements:

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS is supporting limitless use cases to drive down the total cost of ownership for cloud migration. Here are some of the items we are most excited about:

  • Doubled the standard max app size in memory (up to 5GB) in Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS and have enabled unlimited data reloads and storage for all new and existing customers  
  • UI improvements for a more consistent and appealing experience
  • Hub improvements: including system notifications by email, chart history, improved data management
  • Qlik DataTransfer, our new utility to push on-premises data to the cloud

Visualization Improvements:

As with every release, we remain committed to delivering world-class visualization enhancements. With this release, you will find new features such as a new animator to show changing data over time, improved reference lines, and several other highly requested visualization improvements. You can find the best of our continued investment in visualization in our visualization showcase app.

  • Other Chart improvements include:
  • Number formatting of master measures
  • Turn on and off borders in containers
  • Custom sorting in Sankey Chart
  • Frequency counts in the filter pane
  • WMS (web map service) layer opacity
  • Hover icons toggle

APIs to include support for Qlik built open-source libraries

Qlik continues to invest in its ‘API first’ strategy, and with that, we will provide support for an initial group of open source libraries including enigma.js and nebula.js.   Support expansion will also include qlik-cli, which provides access to all public APIs through the command line, making it easier to script and automate new and old workflows.  This list will continue to expand, and updates will be made available on Qlik.dev.     Leverage our Qlik Community Forums for questions regarding open source libraries, and our team will provide guidance as needed.

Data Integration Improvements:

This release includes improvements to our Data Integration Platform, including the ability to publish directly to PowerBI from Qlik Catalog.  We’re also continuing to raise the performance bar with Qlik Compose for Data Warehouses by leveraging the MPP architecture capabilities in Snowflake and Azure Synapse.  This release both improves performance and reduces operational spend.  Finally, we’ve added new audit capabilities for SOX compliance by logging and encrypting all modifications to the DW design or target data sets.

Get the best out of Qlik while working remotely

Businesses of all sizes and industries have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the main factors we’ve seen among a large proportion of our customers is how the business was able to cope with working remotely. For some industries, remote working was perceived as an unviable option. However, having been forced into remote working as a result of the pandemic, that traditional mindset may just disappear. The biggest issue with remote working is configuring access to the necessary systems – Qlik being one of them.

To help in this area, it’s worth highlighting that Qlik’s SaaS offering can be utilized independently or as part of a hybrid deployment, which can be useful if you’re struggling with onboarding workers onto your VPN. In hybrid deployments, you can use distribution policies to push updated Qlik apps to the cloud, stripping away the need to open up your firewall for direct connections to your underlying source systems.

The ability to adapt has never been more critical. While lockdown was brought in as a temporary measure, the buying behaviors may continue for a long time after. Will they ever go back fully to what they were? This is something that retail companies need to start analyzing more closely and have something in place for when lockdown policies ease off. Something I’d be keen to analyze past, present and on-going are things like time spent shopping in physical premises, number of clicks and collect orders, number of delivery orders, etc.

Keeping your team focussed and motivated

As a data company, we’ve always closely monitored ourselves and our performance. To ensure our team stay motivated and know their contribution to the wider company, we also send out the weekly team and individual utilization rates. Ensuring the team is fully informed on a regular basis really helps maintain an element of normality and reassurance during these unprecedented times.

What Qlik training/support can I get while working remotely?

Having adopted full-time remote working here at Avensys, we are now able to deliver Qlik Services remotely. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with the Avensys team today.

Qlik’s July 2020 Release

We are excited to announce the latest product release, furthering our leadership in augmented intelligence, best-in-class visualization and platform extensibility.

Qlik Sense

  • Qlik continues to set the bar high with augmented analytics, as we are introducing business logic into our cognitive engine. With this new capability, customers can create metadata and rules to inform and guide the behavior of Insight Advisor when generating visualizations and insights. In addition, supporting our global footprint, Insight Advisor now supports multiple languages when using search-based insight generation now with French, Spanish and Russian, with additional languages planned for future releases.
  • Our cloud offering continues to get stronger to ensure that our customers can easily adopt our SaaS and client managed offerings, as we deliver high-value features to expand use cases and improve user experience and platform management. With this release, we have introduced connectivity for more high- demand data sources like Qualtrics and added more connectors in the Qlik Sense Add Data interface, including Google Analytics, Twitter and more. Users can now work more effectively in the cloud hub, with the ability to monitor charts and business-critical KPIs, and export stories to PDFs to share insights with others.
  • The June release also includes new embedded analytics capabilities that deliver further extensibility and value to the developer community and beyond. With this, we launched Qlik.dev – our new developer portal for discovering, learning and referencing APIs for cloud editions of Qlik Sense. Beyond the portal, customers can now automate Qlik Sense SaaS editions into their DevOps processes with Qlik CLI driving greater analytic efficiencies from the command line. And, Qlik’s Nebula.js 1.0 library is framework agnostic, making it easier to embed Qlik analytics into other web applications, and create custom visualizations to support even more customer use cases.
  • Qlik Sense is “looking better than ever.” In the past year, we have delivered over 50 new visualizations and dashboarding enhancements – and the June 2020 release takes us even further. To summarize, we introduced Sparklines (mini charts), which can be added to tables to show on a per-row basis. We have expanded customization capabilities in the Bullet chart and Org Chart, and added new functionality in Custom Tooltips, Filter Panes and more. Qlik Sense is stronger than ever with visual analytics. Check out our Qlik Sense Visualization Showcase app to see all this in action.


Qlik View

Export QlikView content to Excel: Users consuming QlikView documents in the cloud now have the ability to export data from those QlikView documents to Excel. This capability is one of many features we’re adding to our Qlik Sense SaaS offerings to provide more flexibility for users to work with their existing QlikView content in the cloud.

Bookmarks for QlikView: Bookmarks for QlikView in the cloud is here. Now, anyone using QlikView in the cloud will be able to:

  • Create Personal Bookmarks – Add/Remove/Replace
  • Include Selections
  • Apply on Top
  • Include Layout State
  • Include Scroll Position
  • Share with Everyone (public)
  • Mail Bookmark as a Link
  • Replace Bookmark for AJAX client

Additional support for QlikView bookmarks in the cloud will be added throughout the rest of this year.

Qlik NPrinting

Qlik Sense themes in Qlik NPrinting: Qlik NPrinting  now supports Qlik Sense custom themes on objects exported as images. Previously, Qlik NPrinting used to inconveniently capture images in the default theme colours. It’s worth mentioning that the minimum supported Qlik Sense version is February 2019. To be fair, anyone running a version of Qlik Sense older than February 2019 should really look at upgrading – the product has come on a lot since then.

Contact us to know more about our Upgrade Packages.

Abort multiple tasks via Web Console: It is now possible to abort, publish or user import several tasks at once from the Task executions page. The performances of abort requests have also improved.

Delete reports published on the NewsStand: The biggest improvement in the Qlik NPrinting latest release is the new ability to delete reports published on the NewsStand. This can be deleted via user interface, without having to take a risky journey through the NPrinting repository. A new security role manages the permissions.


As always, you’ll find improvements to our value-added products, giving our customers more reasons to expand the possibilities of Qlik Sense deployments. We have simplified and enhanced the installation process for Qlik Insight Bot, allowing our customers to get started more quickly and easily. We have integrated licensing for Qlik Alerting with the Qlik Licensing Service, allowing customers to more easily manage licenses. And, our Qlik NPrinting customers will now benefit from expanded NewsStand functionality and the ability to customize visualizations with Qlik Sense themes.

Finally, this release delivers updates to several data integration products, including performance improvements and architectural updates for Qlik Catalog, expanded support for source and target endpoints in Qlik Replicate, along with new certifications for Snowflake and expanded support for Databricks in Qlik Compose.

Check out the “What’s New” demo video from Mike Tarallo on the Innovation Blog to learn more about this exciting release.

Qlik Partner Award 2020

For nearly a decade, Avensys and Qlik, have worked together to deliver the best data analytics products and consultancy services. Avensys was elevated as a Qlik Select Partner in 2019. Qlik has recognized our commitment to provide the best service to our customers by awarding Avensys Consulting Pte Ltd with ‘Qlik’s APAC Award’ as ‘Authorized Reseller of the Year’. 

This award is a testament to the hard work of our Qlik team at Avensys. We have been working with Qlik to establish a world which is driven by data and will continue to provide the best services in the market for the years to come. The partnership between Qlik and Avensys has enabled our customers to progress towards utilizing predictive analysis to make key business decisions. 


Chris MooreSenior Vice President, Partners & Alliances at Qlik presented the award to Avensys at a Qlik’s virtual Award Ceremony and stated that Avensys has built up a sizeable customer base in a short period of time and has become the fastest growing Qlik partner in ASEAN. Further, Avensys has enrolled themselves in the QDI (Qlik Data Integration) Track of Qlik’s Partner Program utilizing their strong SAP practice plus their experience in the designated management space to double their revenue this year.  

Mr. Haja Mohideen, Senior Director at Avensys, accepted the award on behalf of Avensys. “We are happy that over the years we have become a trusted partner for Qlik and that we have become not just industry experts but have been recognized as the best-Authorized Reseller in the region. We will continue to strive for excellence and continue this journey with Qlik to enable more organizations to make data-driven decisions”, said Mr. Mohideen.    

Avensys hopes that this award will help them to continue to improve and grow and provide the best services in the market to our customers. This award has rejuvenated us to push forward and help other organizations leverage Qlik products and dive into the world driven by DATA. 

Here is the clip of Mr. Haja Mohideen receiving the award in the Qlik Virtual Partner Awards Ceremony,

Qlik Insight Bot ― Webinar

Join Qlik Insight Bot Webinar on July 02, 2020 04:00 pm to learn about the AI-Powered, Conversational Analytics.