Digitalization creates a step-change opportunity for operational improvement and innovation

Industry 4.0 and IoT deliver the machine and product performance that data manufacturers need to improve operations. Qlik ensures faster time-to-value and streamlined processes by surfacing highly accurate and groundbreaking insights across the entire product lifecycle.

Integrated Operations

Analyze Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) easily to understand uptime at each production site and improve throughput. Qlik’s associative technology brings together all key machine-level data, such as availability, performance, and quality, so manufacturers can determine which factors are improving or worsening and which have the greatest operational impact.

Agile Supply Chain

Manufacturers must overcome supply chain complexity to ensure multi-channel, demand-driven inventory availability and pursue after-market opportunities. This requires harnessing data from disparate data sources both internal and external to the company. Qlik can connect directly to ERP, SCM, Forecasting, MES, and other internal systems, as well as external data sources like third-party logistics and consumer demand/sentiment - with no data warehouse required - to guide decision-making and surface potential supply chain issues.

The Modern, Connected Customer

When it comes to modern innovation, consistent customer engagement is the key. Today’s customer has access to information to instantly compare almost any competing goods or services. Manufacturing companies that can understand customer sentiment and preferences - responding in line with rapidly shifting demand - will be the ones that drive innovation, capture market share, and deepen customer loyalty.