Avensys & PEGA

Avensys is an official Workforce Development Partner of PEGA. We employ knowledgeable, certified developers and are able to offer a variety of flexible hiring solutions.

As a Workforce Development Partner,

  • We allow our clients to add additional certified PEGA talent to their practice that can be customized to meet individual business needs.
  • We work with professionals from a variety of experience levels and backgrounds, from recent college graduates to mid-career re-entrants to the workforce, to train/enable them on the latest PEGA technologies. 
  • Placements can be converted to full-time employees at the end of a contractual term without any fees associated. 
  • We hold a major role in increasing project delivery and speed to deployment. 

What are you looking for?

PEGA Certifications


Certified System Architect

This is the first step on the career path for those who want to learn how to develop Pega applications


Certified Senior System Architect

This is the next level for developers who want to enhance their Pega skills to the extent they can lead project streams and small scrum teams


Certified Business Architect

For those who wish to progress down a Business Analysis route, using Pega technology to translate business requirements into epics and user stories. Includes hands-on Pega skills.


Certified Customer Service Architect

This is a follow-on course that CSAs and CSSAs interested in learning how to develop Pega applications using Pega Customer Service.


PEGA Certified Decisioning Consultant

This course is aimed towards those who wish to expand their Decisioning, marketing and realtime 1:1 Customer Engagement skills


Designed for those interested in leveraging Pega’s extensive Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities within their applications.


Certified Robotic System Architect

This course is designed for those interested in learning how to apply Pega’s Robotics capabilities to enhance their Pega applications or to help extend the life of legacy applications.


PEGA Certified Data Scientist

This course enables the candidates to understand how to use the Prediction Studio, which is the platform for data scientists to predictive the predictive models that underpin Pega’s 1:1 Customer Engagement.

Streamline your skillset no matter your role

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Interested in our PEGA Training Programs?

Interested in PEGA Certification

PEGA Certification

PEGA Academy has created a worldwide community of thousands of PEGA Certified Professionals, drawn together by their commitment to excel in their ability to optimize the value of PEGA solutions.

87.1% of survey respondents agree that since becoming certified, they feel there is greater demand for their skills.

Achieving a PEGA Professional Certification validates your skills and knowledge for architecting and implementing  PEGA projects. Achieving one or multiple Professional certifications from PEGA Academy demonstrates your commitment to excellence and to being a leader in the industry.

We are happy to help you get PEGA Certified!

Our Hire, Train & Deploy Program

As HTD (Hire.Train.Deploy) program is one of our core strengths, we believe PEGA workforce partnership would greatly enhance our program that leverages our experience in recruitment, training, and technology.

We have customized training materials, curriculum, certification, train the trainer and other best practices as per the framework.

We conducted a Pilot run in the Singapore market with our HTD program focusing on PEGA. The results exceeded our expectations i.e. we have successfully recruited 180 employed, trained and deployed them for On-the Job training (OJT) at client projects with backend support given by Avensys consultants as they progress for a period of 6 months.

Our training is custom designed to achieve specific objectives of our clients with the purpose of providing knowledge, enhancing technical skills and effecting altitudinal changes.

The success of any training program strongly depends upon the ability to adapt and readapt to the aims, knowledge levels, time and active involvement of all participants.

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Putting our skin in the game

Client Requirements

  • Understanding the client requirements
  • Avensys to provide the proposal based on the requirements
  • Upon the client approval, Avensys will start the next set of process

Identifying the Candidates

  • Avensys to identify the candidates from various sources
  • Avensys will conduct an initial screening by asking them to prepare a presentation about themselves and their projects to assess their communication and presentation skills.
  • Clients to conduct the initial screening to select the right candidates for Training.

Training the candidates

  • Avensys to train the selected candidates on the client required skills sets
  • Weekly group presentations would be conducted on the topics covered to improve the interaction and communication between the team.
  • Weekly assessment would be conducted by Avensys and reports would be shared
  • Once in every two weeks our industry expert will have an interaction session to share real time experiences and challenges.

Final assessment & deployment

  • Final assessment by the client post training
  • Client to rollout the offer and start the onboarding process
  • Issue of Certificate by Avensys Consulting
  • Avensys to start the onboarding process for the client


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