What's New - Qlik Sense September 2020

This application highlights and lets you try out select feature enhancements from our most recent release. The September 2020 release comes with game-changing innovations in AI, taking our users to a whole new level. This includes new capabilities like conversational analytics, advanced analytics, and more. You’ll also find other significant enhancements to our visual analytics capabilities, SaaS capacities, and user experience.

Qlik Sense Visualization Showcase

Over the last several years, the visualization capabilities in Qlik Sense have been improved at a feverish pace. With over 100 new visualization features and enhancements, the Visualization Showcase app was developed to help users navigate and understand these capabilities. This app will be updated on a periodic basis to ensure that users fully understand the best that Qlik Sense has to offer around data visualization.

Qlik + SAP Dashboard

Goodbye SAP BEx limits – hello limitless insights! See the power of Qlik’s Associative Engine when working with SAP BI data.

Embedded Analytics

The Marketing 360 demo app brings together data from multiple sources into a one-stop-shop view. Analyze Marketing’s performance across the organization from digital performance of the website to pipeline and install base engagement.

Geo Analytics - Store Site Selection

This application has Qlik Sense integrated with Qlik GeoAnalytics to demonstrate what-if analysis a retail store chain could perform in determining the location of a new store. It includes customer distribution, customer behavior analysis and drive time calculations.


The hospital readmission reduction dashboard is designed to monitor and manage the readmissions of patients in the Medicare program. Medicare readmissions priority to 30 days post discharge for the same diagnosis will result in payment reductions to the hospital.

Manufacturing - Plant Operations

This Plant Operations demo contains the data from a manufacturing company producing wrapping papers.

It gives you the ability to analyse various metrics important to the efficient running of a plant/production line.

– Scrap

– Plant Costs (including labour, material and overheads)

– Machine efficiency and production stats

– Work order cycle time

Salesforce - CRM

This demo allows you to visualize your Salesforce data from an opportunity, account and salesperson perspective. Explore where opportunities are in the pipeline, their probability of being won and your company’s overall win rate. Take a closer look at your company accounts and analyze the performance of your salespeople.

Executive Dashboard

This business analysis model is for senior managers to monitor performance within their business, giving them both a high level view as well as the ability to drill down into the granular details of the business. In this example, the organization manufactures fast moving consumables, using a reseller model to distribute its products across multiple regions.