Web-based Simplified Face Recognition

FacePIN is a facial recognition solution that supports high level of security with PKI, web standard and training model based
facial recognition engine.



• Secure face enrollment capturing different face poses and gestures to prevent unauthorized use of photographs.

• The enrollment process generates a user’s face template and stores it instead of user’s picture.


• Retraining function allows face recognition performance improvement.

• More flexible and accurate authentication system with retraining function

Web Standard Support

• Web Standard support allowing face authentication process without plug-in installation

• Face authentication integrated with PKI based security solution to ensure the highest levels of security



Authentication solution

Web standard based solution that supports simplified authentication without any additional installation, supports PIN, Pattern for user authentication



  • Support PIN or Pattern login
  • Entering PIN or Pattern securely by using the virtual keypad of Hancom WITH
  • Providing management capabilities depending on site policy

Web standard support

  • Standard HTML5 web-based non installation product
  • Supports multi browsers and multi-platforms


  • 2 steps process: PIN verification in Server + Device verification in Client
  • Non-repudiation to the original data
  • Provides registration & termination process based on PKI


Hancom Pass

FIDO Solution

Online authentication solution using public key cryptography to leverage biometric authenticators such as fingerprint, facial recognition and iris


Universal FIDO

  • FIDO 1.0 for Mobile App authentication
  • FIDO 2 for Web-based authentication
  • Fingerprint FIDO 2 security key

SDK, Management Tool

  • Standard SDK and integrated development tool for mobile App
  • Web-based monitoring tool for management and monitoring for users /authenticated devices status

Hybrid Environment

  • Supports Cloud (AWS, Azure) and On-premise environment
  • Container technology leverages cutting edge tech environment such as Kubernetes



Binary Analysis tool to identify security vulnerability and license


Binary identification

• Supports higher verification accuracy by synthetically analyzing data of binary through string fingerprinting algorithm

Open-source BOM

• Provides probable and estimable open-source warning lists based on definitive figures

License verification

• Minimizes the license risk by offering all file unit license information not just checking for representative license

• Provides the separate license holder information of litigator code that can cause litigation without an open-source license agreement

Vulnerability Verification

• Builds an intensive vulnerability DB by connecting NVD and offers more information to users quickly