Understand why Customer Intelligence is a big deal for Product & Social Media Managers.

28 March 2023, 2.30pm – 4pm

Free Brandwatch Workshop for Media and Agencies: Leverage Consumer Intelligence Data for Growth

Maximize brand value using digital Customer Intelligence data to boost customer loyalty, improve sales efficiency, and build a more relatable persona for your brand.

Companies increasingly rely on digital consumer intelligence to make data-supported decisions based on key consumer insights and needs to stay ahead of the competition.

With traditional market research being time-consuming and costly, Brandwatch gives you access to the world’s largest pool of online consumer discussions, going back as far as 2010.

You can then use these insights to monitor and activate a brand strategy that drives positive brand awareness and enhances social media management

Please join us for a free demo session on 28th March 2023.   CLICK HERE to register.   

Who should attend:   Social Media Managers, Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Agency Managers, Influencers