Date: 6th June 2024

Time: 4: PM – 5: PM SGT (GMT+8)

Duration: 1 Hour


The real estate industry is on the brink of a technological revolution, and Generative AI (GenAI) is leading the charge. With its ability to generate human-like text, images, and even code, GenAI promises to revolutionize the way we buy, sell, and manage properties. Are you ready to harness this game-changing technology and stay ahead of the competition?


  1. Understand the fundamentals of Generative AI and its impact on the real estate industry
  2. Explore real-world use cases and success stories from industry leaders
  3. Discover best practices for integrating GenAI into your existing workflows
  4. Gain insights into the future of GenAI and its implications for your business

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and position your business as a frontrunner in the era of Generative AI.
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