Plant a Tree! Plant a Hope for Future!!

Caring for trees and the environment is the social responsibility of every individual. 

To sustain our lush greenery, we can all do our part to contribute to Singapore’s greening efforts!

 Avensys Consulting Pte Ltd is proud to participate in the Plant-A-Tree (PAT) programme, by Garden City Fund, National Parks Board’s (NParks) registered charity and IPC. Read more HERE.

How it works? 

Starting from March 2023 to February 2024, we will contribute 0.5% of every Sales (capped at $15,000) to Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree programme. Every tree planted under the programme will contribute to the National Parks Board’s (NParks) OneMillionTrees movement to plant one million more trees across Singapore by 2030. Your support brings us closer to realising Singapore’s vision of becoming a City in Nature, a key pillar of the Singapore Green Plan 2030..

Upon reaching our target, we will extend an invitation to our esteemed clients to participate in the tree planting session for 50 trees to be planted.

In a nutshell – Green Our Little Red Dot! 

Avensys is dedicated to promoting sustainability and reducing pollution in Singapore. Supporting the Plant-A-Tree programme by Garden City Fund marks Avensys’ first step towards fulfilling its commitment and investment in ESG, which aims to make positive contributions to Singapore’s sustainability, health, and families. Avensys seeks to inspire individuals to contribute to greening Singapore by planting more trees and creating lush and stimulating green environments. 

By promoting tree planting, our objective is to motivate everyone to join our mission of “Green our little Red dot.” We firmly believe that through collective effort and taking actionable steps, we can build a more sustainable future for ourselves and the generations to come. 


Why Planting Trees is Crucial? 

Trees are essential to the health and well-being of our planet. They provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and help regulate the earth’s climate. Trees also play a vital role in preventing soil erosion, conserving water, and providing habitat for a variety of wildlife. Furthermore, trees can improve the quality of our air by absorbing pollutants and releasing clean oxygen.