Fivetran Automated Data Movement
One platform for all your data movement

Fivetran Automated Data Movement Platform for Secure Data Transformations

Fivetran is an automated data movement platform moving data out of, into, and across your data platforms. Fivetran uses ELT (Extract Load Transform) as opposed to ETL (Extract Transform Load) which enables great flexibility to users who manage and maintain data pipelines.  
Allow your data engineers to focus on high impact projects by automating time-consuming parts of the ELT process – from automated extracts to schema drift handling to transformations. With Fivetran you can forget about data maintenance and be assured that your data will always be flowing to accelerate data-driven decisions in your organization. 

Experience seamless data integration with Fivetran’s advanced cloud data pipelines. Our platform automates data warehousing, streamlines data integration, and accelerates insights. Discover the power of Fivetran for efficient data management in the cloud.


  • As an “easy-to-use” ELT platform, Fivetran empowers users without much ETL experience to set up basic` extract/load processes quickly and cost-effectively. 
  • You gain a near real-time understanding of the state of your business and customers. 
  • Using ELT you can quickly load your data into your warehouse prior to transforming it, allowing you to answer your most pressing business questions without being held up by formatting issues. 
  • When your data set changes, Fivetran only pushes the updates, avoiding the time-consuming and unnecessary process of full data replication.  
  • Highly scalable solution which keeps up with your organization’s growth 
  • Automatically update and reformat the tables in your warehouse, saving time, resources, and money 



Fivetran’s automation allows your team to focus on insights instead of ELT. 
Now, let’s dive into the process itself. It is really throughout the extract, load, and transform process where you will see the uniqueness of our offering because Fivetran just automate the whole process. 

It starts with the data sources themselves – Fivetran has 100s of pre-built, fully-managed connectors that support every major department, team, and business. After you authenticate into your source(s), often with one click, the process of Extracting starts.  For all connectors – they begin with an initial historical load of all your data that exists in your source. This initial historical sync is free for any data sources so you can get all the data you need right out of the box. And, all of these connectors (exception of a few file connectors) use CDC (Change Data Capture), which provides low impact, high volume data replication.  

And as your team grows and changes tools, you can add new connectors in just minutes with Fivetran’s out-of-the-box options. None of these processes will require engineering resources as they are all set up code free.  

But it’s not just automation working behind the scene, Fivetran also have a massive team of engineers building and maintaining all of these pipelines. Because APIs are constantly evolving – Fivetran connectors are proactively being updated on the backend by engineering teams to keep up with all new objects, field changes, and more so you and your team don’t have to.  


And that automation continues through our load process. After the initial load, Fivetran will scan for incremental updates using system columns for applications or transaction logs for database sources. As a result, you have the freshest data always available but without having to do any manual intervention – or without reloading all that data every time which can be costly as well as time consuming. 

Behind the scenes, as that data is moving, Fivetran is normalizing the data into schemas in your destination. Fivetran will handle the schema creation process, including data type mapping and underlying table creation. Fivetran will also manage any schema drift that may occur, such as creating net new custom objects from the data source, or simply changing a data type as we read a change in the source.  Again, this level of automation is really what makes Fivetran unique and saves you hundreds of engineering hours every month.  


And Fivetran brings that same automation to transformations. Once loaded into your destination, you can then trigger transformations via dbt. Fivetran has pre-built models for many major connectors and integrated scheduling that triggers only when new data is loaded so your transformations are up to date and ensure your data is business ready asap.  


FIVETRAN Makes Data Management Easy

Monitor and Track data being processed with ease.

Connectors And Pre-Built Templates

As your business and teams’ needs change and grow, Fivetran scales along with you. They presently have over 100s of data sources for every team and department that can be added in minutes.  


Scale Your Analytics And Operations To New Heights With High-Volume, Low-Impack Data Movement.


Fivetran’s SaaS & Database connectors use Change Data Capture (CDC) technology to move efficiently and quickly new and changed data throughout your Modern Data Stack. 



On-source Agents provide real-time, high-volume, low-impact replication for self-hosted databases. Data compression and encryption baked in.