Cloud-native data engineering solution

Data Integration Tools : Qlik, Fivetran, Snowflake

Qlik Replication

Qlik Replicate

Qlik Replicate (former Attunity Replicate) supports bulk data replication from a broad array of data sources and platforms and seamless integration with all major big data analytics platforms.



Fivetran provides ETL and rich data integration capabilities with out of the box connectors for many of SaaS based data sources and databases. Tool provides seamless integration and replication capabilities which helps reduce time to insights for cloud data initiatives.

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Qlik Compose

Qlik Compose

Qlik Compose automates and optimizes the creation and operation of data lakes and data warehouses through automated ETL data integration processes. Qlik Compose dramatically reduces the time, cost, and risk of data lake/warehouse projects, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Qlik Catalog

With Qlik Catalog, you can search for data sources, tables, fields, and descriptions and experience data shopping based on access rules. It shows the data lineage, profiling, popularity, consistency, and quality as well as a sample of what’s available. You can select the desired data, instantly open it, and gain insights in your BI Tool of choice: Qlik, Tableau, or Power BI. Additionally, Qlik Catalog streamlines the data labeling process, making it easy to organize and categorize your data for more efficient analysis.



Forget about the worries of cloud data platform designing, preparation, re-platforming, and performance optimisation. Our trained, certified, and experienced Snowflake consultants can help you get the most out of your Snowflake investment and ensure the cloud-based platform is set up to handle your growing ETL data integration and analytics requirements.

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