Brandwatch helps you to understand and engage with customers in real time.

With Brandwatch, brands and agencies can adapt and thrive in today’s fast moving digital world by making smarter decisions and executing data-driven social strategies at every customer touchpoint.

Brandwatch is a leading provider of social media analytics, brand reputation management, and consumer insights. With our powerful platform, you can monitor and analyze social media conversations to gain valuable insights into your brand’s reputation and consumer sentiment. Our advanced analytics tools allow you to track key metrics and identify trends, while our customizable dashboards make it easy to visualize and share your data. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, Brandwatch can help you make informed decisions and drive growth by leveraging the power of social media analytics.

AVENSYS is your BRANDWATCH ASEAN Implementation Partner:

Leverage our expertise in delivering Analytics for nearly 10 Years to businesses in ASEAN. With Brandwatch, we extend your analytics digital transformation journeys to deliver value from social media.

Avensys Enterprise Solutions team delivers Brandwatch Solutions that brands and agencies can adapt and thrive in today’s fast moving digital world. Adding Brandwatch, helps you make smarter decisions and execute data-driven social strategies at every customer touchpoint.

Brandwatch helps you to understand and engage with customers in real time.

  • Conduct deep research
  • Anticipate consumer demand by bringing structure and meaning to billions of voices
  • Monitor your brand
  • Survive and thrive in a fast moving digital landscape by keeping your finger on the pulse of consumer opinion
  • Create winning content.


Grow your brand with a data driven content strategy all managed in one collaborative social content calendar

  • Engage with consumers
  • Deliver exceptional customer experience by engaging with the right people in the right place at the right time
  • React to Trends & Threats in real time
  • Access the world’s largest archive of consumer opinion and leverage industry-leading AI to discover new trends before anyone else and make smarter decisions.
  • Monitor emerging threats across over 100m sources and set up smart, real-time alerts to respond with speed and confidence before problems develop.
  • Collaborate on data-driven content
  • Manage channels, teams, workflows, approvals, and campaigns and ensure brand alignment and stellar quality in one collaborative content calendar.

Brandwatch’s Consumer Intelligence solution offers AI-enriched data from over 100m social and online sources helping data-driven organizations better understand how consumers feel about their brands, products and industry trends and topics. Insights drawn from this data can help businesses make faster, smarter decisions that better connect with their consumers.

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