Avensys Plant-A-Tree (CSR)
We planted 50 trees along the road side just outside Geylang East Library on 20th March 2024

Plant a Hope for the Future - 20th March 2024

Plant a Tree! Plant a Hope for the Future!

A heartfelt thank you and big shoutout to our Avensys Team, who joined us this morning, March 20th, 2024, for our Tree Planting event at Geylang East! Your participation made it a memorable and impactful day for us all. It was a fantastic day filled with meaningful contributions towards a greener future.🌿 Your enthusiastic support and hard work in making this event a success is appreciated.

Special gratitude to our directors, Mr. Haja and Mr. Shafeeq, for their leadership and dedication to environmental sustainability. Your vision inspires us all! 🌟

A special thank you to Ms. Tin Pei Ling, MP for Macpherson SMC, for gracing us with her presence as our guest-of-honor. Your support meant the world to us! 🌟

Lastly, thank you NPark for your support in this Plant-A-Tree Programme by Garden City Fund.🌱